Zhineng qigong anticancer star Shi Zongshu(3)

Grand righteous qi, recover me to health – how can I walk on qigong anti cancer road

author: Shi Zongshu        translator: Dong Xinjian

Zhineng qigong anticancer star Shi Zongshu
Zhineng qigong anticancer star Shi Zongshu

You can find his story in the video -celebrate the Tenth Anniversary of Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Center (Video Languge : Chinese)

【 abstract 】 : Shi Zongshu is an veteran educator, served as deputy party secretary in the Capital Normal University, vice chairman of Beijing Institute of Education, the first president of Beijing Universities Moral Education Research Association. Meanwhile, is also today’s domestic and international  influential “Qigong anti cancer star.”

In 1985 when Mr Shi was 70 years old, he suffered from later period lymphoma cancer, hospital biopsy was classified to non-hodgkin’s lymphoma basic, diffuse type, this is one of the most severe kind in cancer, commonly known as “the cancer of cancer”.  In the case of that radiotherapy and chemotherapy couldn’t carry on, authority hospital authority experts were helpless, organization and relatives and friends also thought survival hopeless, Mr Shi was forced to choose the way of qigong anti-cancer.

After five years of unremitting qigong exercises, he finally “wipe out” the cancer cells in the body, won the victory of qigong anti cancer.  After the annual physical examination in recent years, no any signs of recurrence appear. Mr Shi said, qigong is the treasure of Chinese traditional medicine, have unique advantages in healing and fitness,  qigong anti cancer have a bright future. Mr Shi is now 85 years old, jing qi shen are all abundant.

In July this year, Shi Zongshu was recommended by Chinese anti-cancer research foundation which belongs to the ministry of health, went to Hamburg, Germany to attend the “The third international cancer research excellent achievement exchange conference”. The meeting also arrange Mr Shi and other delegates investigated the medical and health undertakings of Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and other European countries.

The conference paper submitted by Mr Shi “how I stepped on the road to qigong anti cancer”, aroused wide concern by the international experts and scholars in the conference, now publish the full text to share with the readers.

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