The first zhineng qigong anti cancer stars meeting

The first zhineng qigong anti cancer stars meeting

Zhineng qigong anti cancer star Shi Zongshu(3)
Qigong anti cancer give cancer patients rebirth

Dong Xinjian  Apr 26, 2014

First of all, we talk about qigong , qigong factions is numerous, differ in thousands of ways, but zhineng qigong was created by Pang Ming laoshi based on learning from nineteen Buddhist, Taoists, martial arts , medicine and civil teachers, has complete and scientific theories and methods, so it has gone beyond the limitations of a faction and a method, and rise to the level of Qigong Science.

Zhineng qigong could eliminate disease and prolong life, fit body and mind, open wisdom , develop potential etc, and qigong anti cancer is also one of the characteristics of it.

Entirety life outlook is the basic theory of zhineng qigong

First, the human being and the universe is a whole. Everyone is a part of nature , and interact with nature. Environmental pollution has become a major culprit which cause cancer and other diseases. Domestic plenty of cancer villages are typical examples.

Shanghai Fudan doctress Yu Dan who had cancer pointed out in her anticancer diary, the overproof of formaldehyde in the furniture is an important factor causing her cancer.

So, if qigong anti cance people find the environmental pollution , they should improve the environment as soon as possible, or move to a better living environment , in order to avoid further damage to the body by the enviroment, and a good living environment is also conducive to the rehabilitation of cancer patients.

Second, the human being and the society is a whole. Everyone is part of society, and interact with society. Whether family , company or government sector may generate conflict and stress. Most cancer patients are due to these factors. So qigong anti cancer people need to learn resolve conflicts and pressures, in order to avoid emotions leading to the development of cancer. So how to resolve ?

1, introspect yourself, first check whether you have errors or not, if you find your mistakes is the root of conflict and stress , it is necessary to correct as soon as possible .

2, try to put down , if you do not have the ability to solve problems , but also to bite the bullet, then your energy will be overdrew, and lead to the development of cancer. So put down as much as possible to protect your life energy .

Third, the human being’s body, qi and mind is a whole. Everyone’s body, qi and mind interact each other. For example, overwork can lead to lack of blood even cancer; abnormal mood also can cause blood disorders even cancer . So, in reverse, qigong anti cancer people must learn to eat and sleep well, conserve strength and store up energy, at the same time broaden the heart, keep inner peace, in order to maintaine qi and blood, and help recovery.

Proactive inward using consciousness is the basic method of zhineng qigong

A survey shows that eighty percent of cancer patients thought are
negative, this mentality can only accelerate the development of cancer, and qigong anti cancer requires the patients not only active on consciousness, but also learn to think and concentrate inside the body, and on this account gradually strengthen the body ‘s internal energy , so the ancients said, “the mind keep watch inside, how can the illness come”, all the series methods of zhineng qigong reflect this core content.

Using the effect of qi field is a major feature of zhineng qigong

If qigong anti cancer people want their energy increase fast, they must learn to use the qi field. This contains two elements, one is to
participate in collective practice, everyone practice together, the qi
field will have a resonance effect, then everyone can benefit from it;
Second is to practice with teachers together, bring up their own energy fiel through the teacher’s energy field.

So, if qigong anti cancer people not only eliminated the cancer root from the nature, society, themselves etc other aspects, but also increased the inside energy and immunity by practicing zhineng qigong method and using the qi field, the cancer recovery is natural.

In fact, the successful people through qigong anti cancer just followed
these basic rules, and those losers are certainly not to do these
requirements well.

Overcome other diseases by qigong also need to follow the same rules.