Pang Ming

Zhineng qigong creater Pang Ming laoshi
Zhineng qigong creater Pang Ming laoshi

Pang Ming, is also named Pang Heming, was born in Dingxing county, Hebei province in September 1940, Communist of China, associate professor, ever hold the office of Chinese Qigong Science Board Director, Chinese Qigong Science Board Zhineng Qigong Branch Director-General, Beijing Qigong Board honorary Director-General, Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Training and Healing Center Director, Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Research Institution Director, the Communist Party of China Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Training and Healing Center branch General Secretary.

Mr. Pang Ming is a Qigong scholar, has a wide range of knowledge, be rigorous and factualistic, he is the pioneer of Qigong Science.

He was edified and affected by qigong, Traditional Chinese Medical Science, Martial Art, when he was a child, later he studied Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medical Science, and was engaged in outpatient service of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine.

At the end of 1950s, Mr. Pang Ming began to study hard the Buddhism, practiced Buddhism Qigong, after 1960s, speeded up to practice Martial Art, then from 1970s practice Taoism Qigong, he studied from nineteen seniors who have achievement of qigong, martial art one and another.

The theories accomplishment of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine established the foundation for his assiduously study of qigong books, but the deepening of qigong attainments created the condition for his improvement of medicinal diagnosis and treat technology, they promote each other, cured many difficult, heavy diseases in clinical practice.

In February 1979, Mr. Pang Ming was present at the whole national Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine combination meeting organized by Ministry of Health, ever partake to organize the first whole national qigong report in July 1979, the same year, launched and established the first masses qigong scholarism organization-Beijing Qigong Research Institution in China.

From the middle of 1960s to the begining of 1970s, he studied intensively the classics of Marxism systematically, read through the collected works of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Mao Zedong, firmed the scientific world outlook and methodology. All this built the strong, rich foundation of theory and practice for the establishment of Zhineng Qigong Science.

At the begining of 1980s, Mr. Pang Ming was audacious reforming traditional qigong, established Zhineng Qigong, and promulgated its theories and methods to the world.

In the Spring 1981, taught outer qi sending method on the the first whole national outer qi sending training class that organized by Beijing Qigong Research Institution, and did plentiful science experiment with scientists, proved that qi is material, made qigong’s development turning into a new historical period.

From the end of 1984 to the begining of 1985, began to use building qi field in healing, and promulgated it to the world in 1986, enhanced the outer qi applied technology to a new stage, at the same time began to teach hunyuanqi theory, the theory about consciousness and moral, buildinging qi field theory, outer qi healing theory in public, soon afterwards, about the mirage, truth and fake attacking each other in qigong practice, explained with qigong science, about the superstition content of traditional qigong, analysed it in essential and sublated it in science. On this base, Mr. Pang Ming spreaded its theory system step by step, put forward yiyuanti theory in 1989.

At the begining of 1990s, unfold the whole hunyuan entirety theory to the world. This theory made dialectical materialism though commanding consciousness field indeed, established strong theory base for zhineng qigong, made traditional qigong getting rid of superstition and theology’s fetter, made tremendous contribution on theory for the health development of qigong science.

At the begining of 1990s, after nervous and busy social activities, Mr. Pang Ming buried himself on writing, after <Qigong Exploring marrow>, <Zhineng Movement Qong Lecture Notes> that published earlier, published elementary and intermediate teaching materials of Zhineng Qigong<Zhineng Movement Qong Method Universal Teaching Material>, <Concise Zhineng Qigong Knowledge >gradually, later little by little finished writing zhineng qigong junior college series teaching materials<Zhineng Qigong Science Outline>, <Zhineng Qigong Science Basis-Hunyuan Entirety Theory>, <Zhineng Qigong Science Essence>, <Zhineng Qigong Science Method Knowledge>, <Zhineng Qigong Science Technology-Supernormal Brainpower>, <Traditional Qigong Knowledge Sum>, <Qigong and Human Culture>, <Chinese Qigong Development Brief History>, <Qigong’s Modern Scienence Research>.

According to a complete set of rigorous theory system that have been formed, Mr. Pang Ming established concise, reasonable, easy-learning, secure, efficient, with gradation orderly method which accord with the human body life movement regulation.

Teacher Pang Ming not only is proficient in Buddhism gong, Taoism gong, Wushu, learning Marx-Lenin doctrine original works, but also can understand English, French, German, explain Einstein relativity theory and Hawking black hole theory with zhineng qigong very well.

As a qigong scholar, Mr. Pang Ming successively gave lectures in near thirty provinces and municipalities of the whole nation, also ever been invited to Hongkong,Taiwan, Aomen and Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia to give lectures.

In 1987, be appointed to a position as Beijing Haidian Attending a day College Oriental Fitness Department deputy director, and taught qigong professional curriculum. From May to August 1998, invited by National Sport General Office to make a lecture tour in near twenty cities in nine provinces.